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DMV Practice Tests

Excellent for: students, instruction permit and driver license applicants, renewal applicants, all drivers wanting to test or refresh their knowledge. - free online permit practice tests - driver's training - frequently asked questions - latest's official Driver’s Manuals

Learning Express

Career preparation, High School Equivalency Center, College admissions test preparation and school work help.

Homework Help

Need help with homework or understanding certain concepts and strategies use

Niche Academy

Niche Academy helps create elegant online training experiences, making things easier for all parties. They provide ready-to-use tutorials for specialized needs and for those who are just seeking to learn.

The internet is full of stuff - junk, answers, questions, and more. But when you're a student looking to know the best steps to make a study guide or what colleges are best for your major of interest, it's hard to find the answers you need if you have to sift through all the junk first, and that's where comes in. is a website dedicated to helping students find the answers they need, when they need them. Full of resources, guides and more, it's a life raft helping you stay afloat in an ocean full of misinformation and ads. From guides on how to manage stress or create study guides, all to ranking colleges so that you can find the one that suits you best, looks to help students be the best they can be.

Resume Builder

resume builder


Picking the right resume template is crucial to landing the job that you want. It’s the first thing employers see and making yours stand out will get you one step closer to getting that interview.

New Teens