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What Is Medicare?

Medicare is the federal government’s health insurance program that primarily covers people 65 and older and certain younger people with disabilities or kidney failure. To learn more, check out this informational link.

Medicare and Caregivers

An estimated 34.2 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older. If you’re a caregiver, it’s important to understand the coverage and benefits Medicare can offer you and your loved one, check out this link for more information.

Asbestos: Senior's Cancer Guide to Treatment & Wellness

In today's day and age, seniors are living longer and having to face more challenges than before, with one of the scarier challenges being cancer. This guide from provides an in-depth look on the different types of cancers one could be affected by, as well as providing more information on treatments and preventative care that can help you live a longer, healthier life.


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Resume Builder

resume builder


Picking the right resume template is crucial to landing the job that you want. It’s the first thing employers see and making yours stand out will get you one step closer to getting that interview.

Niche Academy

Niche Academy helps create elegant online training experiences, making things easier for all parties. They provide ready-to-use tutorials for specialized needs and for those who are just seeking to learn.

Paying for Senior Care

Paying for Senior Care

paying for senior care

Understanding costs associated with elderly care, such as assisted living, in-home care, and adult day care can be complicated. This page is intended to assist residents of Nevada in understanding average costs statewide, as well as in particular geographic locations within the state. Financial and care assistance programs that assist in caring for seniors, whether it be at home or in the community, will also be explored

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