The official website for Nevada's Secretary of State

The official website of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

A kid-friendly version of the USA government website that's easy to navigate

Government Databases

Hosts a ton of information on places to go, stay, and things to do in Nevada

A website where any and all legal forms for Nevada can be found

The official website of the Whitehouse

A free, online educational program that provides courses in a variety of subjects, as well as a focus on careers

An educational guide to the U.S. elections

Rock the Vote is the largest nonprofit and nonpartisan organization in the United States striving to get the youth to the polls

A free, online educational program that provides courses in a variety of different subjects

A website that provides financial tools, calculators, and resources to help simplify financial decisions

The official website of the Library of Congress

Political Databases

The official website of the American government

A website with a comprehensive list of colleges by their ranking, based on terms of academic success, student lifestyle, and more

The official website of Nye County, Nevada

A website dedicated to checking the truth behind political party statements and accusations

A website that offers timely, relevant, and useful information about the Earth and its processes

The official website of Nevada's government

* Ranked a 4 Star Library by Library Journal 

A website that provides the tools to research careers and degree programs in the public healthcare industry

Educational Databases

A long list of databases hosted by UNR. The links marked with an open lock beside them are open to the public, the rest are not

The encyclopedia of American politics

A helpful info-graphic map showing legislators by county

Nevada Databases

The Smoky Valley Library District*

Practice your states driving test here.

A website that hosts information about the online programs provided by colleges throughout the U.S.

The official website to learn more about Nevada legislature and watch committee meetings